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Founder and Author

Sajna Abdul Rasheed

Hi there! I am Sajna😀. Welcome to All Things Hijab.🤗 Thank you somuch for stopping by. Let me tell you a small story on how All Things Hijab was born. I started writing this blog in 2017 to motivate and empower other hijabis by sharing my thoughts and creative ideas. Exploring and experimenting with hijab styles and outfit ideas is something I love to do. So I thought, why not share these with other hijabis like me and help them with their fashion and lifestyle. Thats how it all started. Sometimes I sketch my ideas to see how it looks. I do share my sketches here for you. I am a simple and fun-loving person with a great passion for hijab fashion, hijabi lifestyle and in a nutshell, all things hijab. I am married and settled down in Dubai since 2011. I am a digital marketeer by profession. I have a beautiful daughter who is the joy and blessing of my life. Follow me on social media here.

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