The Ultimate Guide to How to Wear Hijab With Saree Right


If I can get away with it, I will wear a hijab with saree whenever I can. I guess all the Indian women feel the same.

I know that for a fact because, in India, saree is the queen of all outfits. Indian women wear saree as often as they could. And you can nail a hijab-with-saree look easily.

Wearing a saree any day, kindle the warmth of being right back at home. No matter whichever corner of the globe you live. It brings forth all those cozy moments you miss sometimes.

Are you a hijabi woman who love to wear saree?

Sometimes you might avoid wearing a saree because you think a hijab doesn’t go with a saree. But it’s not true at all. A hijabi woman can work out the saree look quite well.

After reading this post, you will try the hijab-with-saree look for sure. And I can assure you, you are going to carry yourself like a queen in the look.

Here is a list of tips and tricks that can boost your confidence in a hijab-with-saree look.

Best tips to wear your Hijab with saree outfit

#1. Always be careful to choose the color of the hijab right with saree

There are three ways to choose the color of the hijab. Here you can choose any one style that is right for your saree style.

Hijab Shawls

Saree-Color Style 1:

When you choose to wear a blouse that is of the same color as saree, you can go for either one of these styles.

Style 1

To be sure of a style that suits you better, think about how you feel after wearing it. With this in mind choose the style that best suits you.

Hijab-color style1:

Go for a hijab with the same color as saree and blouse. The hijab will blend in with saree and blouse to make it a monochromatic look. You can show off a contrasting color handbag or clutch with this super simple look.

Hijab color style 2:

You can wear a hijab in color contrast to the saree. Go for a color that complements the saree color. In fact, complementary colors when used right creates a vibrant look. However sometimes contrasting colors can be a bit jarring. All things considered, color-coordinate enough the hijab and saree.

Saree Color Style 2:

When you wear a blouse with a contrasting color to the saree, pick either one of these styles.

Style 2

Hijab-color style 1:

Choose a hijab color the same as the blouse. The blouse and hijab blend and gives a complementary effect to saree.

Hijab-color style 2:

Pick a color that matches with the saree. And this will make a dashing look as the hijab color is in contrast to the blouse. This blends well with saree too.

Saree Color Style 3:

Sometimes it gets a little tricky when it comes to wearing a multicolored saree.

 style 3

Hijab-color style:

Pick the same color as Blouse. This will help the hijab color to blend with blouse color. And together create a contrast to saree and stand out in a good way.

Saree Color Style 4:

If you wear a saree with a border in a different color, the hijab color can match the same.

style 4

Hijab-color style:

Choose the same color as the border color for the hijab.

Saree Color Style 5:

When your blouse has embroidery work or the like in a particular color, then you can match the hijab with that of the work.

style 5

Hijab-color style:

Go for the same color as that of the work on your blouse.

#2. The material of the hijab decides how you are going to wrap it.

The fabric of the hijab should be lightweight and easy to handle. You can wrap the hijab in any neat style if the fabric is as comfy.

Hijab Shawl color with Saree

If the fabric is stiff and heavy, the hijab will look puffed up. Georgette, crepe, viscous, polyester, crepe-silk, and rayon are good choices for the hijab.

If you prefer some blinks in the hijab, keep it minimal. Seeing it doesn’t attract too much attention. You can go either for a thin border or some beads here and there.

#3. How to get your blouse right with saree and hijab.

There are some tips to keep in mind when you get your blouse made.

Tip 1:

Make the sleeve length always full or a third of full to ensure full coverage.

Tip 2:

Make neck styles of your blouse always covering. You can choose a high neck, close neck, collar neck, etc. This will help you to cover your neck and back comfortably.

Tip 3:

Make sure the blouse fits you well. It shouldn’t be loose at places.

#4. Hijab styles that go well with saree outfits.

As you have got your saree, blouse, and hijab ready to go, its time to think about the hijab wrapping style.

You can wear the hijab in many different ways. Avoid poofy styles as those will not suit a saree outfit. Instead, use minimal layering with the shawl when you wrap a hijab.

Watch this Youtube video by Amena to learn more about how to wear a saree with a hijab.

Try one of these styles that suit best with the whole saree outfit. But I would suggest avoiding turban-style hijab when you wear a saree.

Check out this hijab styling guide to get ideas on how to wrap a hijab with your saree outfit.

20 How-To Hijab Tutorial to Style Your Hijab: A Handy Hijab Styling Guide

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