Why Nike Hijab Is One Of Time’s 25 Inventions Of The Year


The sports giant Nike has launched its first-ever sports hijab, the 'Nike Pro Hijab' or 'Nike Hijab'in December 2017. The Nike hijab is a real deal for Muslim women athletes and sports savvy.


Even though there were sports hijabs introduced before, by other small brands, it lacked a certain appeal and popularity among the women athletes.

And the traditional hijabs available in the markets were only stretchy and non-breathable.

As a result, these women were to wear these conventional hijabs and also try to perform well in sports.

Below is an image of UAE's ice princess Zahra Lari wearing Nike Pro hijab.



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Nike freed the women athletes from all the struggles they were going through on with their hijabs on a typical sports competition day. Because the usual Georgette hijab they use gets sweaty, damp, and hot fast, and it's very uncomfortable.


Modest Fashion and Nike


We have all witnessed a positive change happening in the modest fashion industry in the years that passed.

Now the Muslim women are given more choices and selections of stylish outfits and hijabs that fit the principles of modesty, by the prominent fashion giants like H&M, Dolce and Gabbana and many other big-name brands.


With Nike going global with its sports hijab, this sensation in the modest fashion industry has captured a new light.


Muslim women athletes from all over the world have welcomed Nike's initiative. It's an appreciative gesture by Nike to introduce a sports hijab focusing the women athletes who prefer modest sports outfits.


The Nike Pro Hijab is one of TIME's 25 Best Inventions of 2017


Nike Pro Hijab is so functional, practical, and awesome that the TIME magazine recently included it in their list of 25 inventions of 2017 although the 'hijab' itself is not a real invention.



Then why TIME Magazine would include Nike pro hijab to be one of the inventions of the year?

What makes it so special?


Have you ever wondered?


The answer is it is not any ordinary hijab. It's a hijab designed for performance and movement.


Nike launched the 'Nike Pro hijab' with a campaign featuring famous women athletes like Ibtihaj Mohammed, Zahra Lari, and Zeina Nassar.

Ibtihaj Mohammed is a bronze medalist fencer in Rio 2016. In her own words, " The children's hijab I used to wear to competition get sticky and heavy obstructing my hearing."


This made her miss the instructions given by the referee many times.


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A Hijab Designed for Performance


Nike designers have taken a huge step by studying the requirements and troubles the women athletes have been facing during the developmental stages of Nike hijab.


They understood what the athletes needed before creating something well suited for their situation.


The women athletes needed a much lighter, softer, and more breathable garment.

For them, the garment’s weight, the possibility that it could shift during the action, and its lack of breathability affected their focus on competition.

Special Features Of Nike's Hijab


StylePull on
FabricNike Pro power mesh
Fabric LayeringSingle Layer
Fabric TypePolyester
Fabric FeelSoft
Fabric ElasticityStretchable
Elastic Binding for FitYes
ColorsBlack, College Navy, Neutral
Signature Nike SwooshYes
SizeXS/S and M/L


The hijab is a pull-on design that makes it practically easy to wear all the time.


The material used to create this sports hijab is a single-layer Nike Pro power mesh. The special features of this polyester fabric are its durable, breathable, and lightweight.


This is one of Nike's most breathable fabric and it has pores which enhances the breathable feature of the fabric. The pores present are completely invisible and the material is so soft and cool.


The mesh fabric is stretchable and comes with an elastic binding that can be personalized to fit the wearer's head size and face shape ensuring the optimal fit to suit a particular sport.


The back of the hijab is long so that it fits perfectly with the sports outfit.


The Nike pro hijab is designed with soft threads to avoid irritation with rubbing with the skin near the neck.


There is a sign a Nike Swoosh just above the left of the hijab and it reminds us of the high performance it's designed for.


The colors available: black and college navy, which are the dark neutrals to suit the athletic outfits. Available sizesXS/S and M/L.



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Nike Pro Hijab: The Bigger Picture


By helping Muslim women athletes with extra-ordinary solutions, like the Nike Pro Hijab, the sports giant Nike serves the women who are already in the athletic realm. At the same time, it inspires thousands of women and girls who face limitations due to cultural and social influences.


Two days back on October 26, a group of young hijabi fencers aged 16-18 years tweeted group photos in which they pose in fencer outfits and Nike hijabs and it has gone viral.


Their purpose was to show the world that for young Muslim girls like them anything is possible. And they can break old social norms to achieve goodness of their dreams.


They were inspired by seeing Ibtihaj Muhammed fencing in the Rio Olympics.



With a solution like Nike Pro hijab now sports is not a dream for many Muslim girls. So Nike hijab well deserves to be in the list of inventions of the year.


Because an invention is a solution to a problem society faces. Nike pro hijab does solve a huge problem and makes dreams possible for many women.

Don't you agree?


Please leave your valuable opinion in the comment box below.



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